Amendo SCAM reviews and withdrawals

Amendo SCAM reviews and withdrawals

Brokerage companies that are now actively operating and promoting their services on the market can be called lazy - the most neutral thing you can do, because, as will be proved by an unlimited number of reviews on, declaring their alleged professionalism, experience and quality, they cannot even it is trite to develop a fully-fledged web resource, to say nothing of providing really high-quality and efficient trading services. We will talk about a site that is directly related to this type of company, namely, about the activities of a brokerage project called Amendo, which is trying to sell its services to naive clients with a mountain of beautiful and tempting promises, while at the same time considering all possible options for an imperceptible withdrawal of funds from accounts their gullible users.      Amendo contacts

Interestingly, this project did not provide any specific option by which customers could directly contact the company's staff. All that is available is a cheap feedback form consisting of a few points, but even so, by filling it out, the chance that you will actually be contacted is minimal.

Website review amendo.tradeAs we mentioned earlier, the presented platform does not belong to those sites that actually confirm their professionalism and quality, because even the most basic part of the activities of the brokerage site, this company did not perform, namely, it did not create a full-fledged, informative website, thanks to which traders could would get acquainted with all the intricacies of Amendo, as well as consider all the pros and cons of cooperation with this office. All that is currently available to customers is a one-page resource, with translation into English and Russian, as well as two active buttons to start the registration procedure or enter the account. Nothing more can be expected from this site.   Broker conditions Amendo

Learn some trading information helped Amendo reviews, in which traders quite objectively evaluate and mention the time of cooperation with Amendo. Thanks to these responses, it is possible to compile the following list of supposedly available opportunities on the broker’s site, which he himself promises to provide initially:

  • multifunctional trading platform with an abundance of convenient and effective trading tools;
  • fully automated trading process, which allows to shorten time costs by almost half;
  • round-the-clock support by experienced, as well as professional employees of the brokerage project;
  • a number of trading accounts that are focused on any client level of skills and knowledge in the field of trading;
  • the availability of basic and rather superficial training, which consists of a number of electronic textbooks, as well as consultations with qualified professionals in the field;
  • access to the most popular and requested assets, for example: stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, currency pairs, and precious metals;
  • stable analytics of the presented markets;
  • an always open opportunity in the course of their activities to use the economic calendar, as well as a profitability calculator that will allow you to calculate further profit;
  • for traders, there are services of both a personal account manager and an analyst;
  • there is a good opportunity for clients to develop their own trading strategy based on those previously used by more experienced traders;
  • a wide range of various bonuses and promotions;
  • multi-level affiliate program with all available marketing tools.   

 Exposing Amendo

Despite the company's rather diligent attempts to present itself in the best light to customers, its actions only once again prove that Amendo scammer and scammerwho thinks solely about his own pocket and options for filling it. Firstly, in order to sow another series of doubts regarding the actual success and transparency of Amendo, it is enough to mention the fact that it did not provide any of the necessary and mandatory documents confirming the legality of this site, as well as passing all the necessary checks for fraud by the relevant regulators. Secondly, it would not be superfluous to mention the real age of this project, because, according to all the same references to ex-clients, the company repeatedly indicates that it has been working diligently and efficiently on the market for more than 4 years, serving more and more clients every year. One could somehow believe in this legend, if not for one thing, namely the domain name, which indicates the next date, as the official start of the company's activities, namely 02/05/2022. The presented position only once again proves the falsity and inexperience of Amendo.       

How to withdraw money from Amendo

Another, quite weighty reason to think about the real need for cooperation in this project is that Amendo does not withdraw money, which means, in other words, does not fulfill its key function as a brokerage service, that is, it does not represent any actual interest for its users.                                                  

ResultsSummarizing everything that we have previously mentioned, and also adding to all this also the negligence, rudeness and incompetence of the Amendo staff, which traders unanimously declare, we strongly do not recommend interacting with this project in any way, as well as trusting it with your funds, even under a beautiful and promising, as it seems at first glance, pretext, because otherwise you risk being left with nothing, and in addition to all this, earn a deplorable experience in cooperation with this fraudster and swindler.

Possibility withdraw money with "Amendo" not confirmed.


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